Course Overview

We offer a wide range of courses and learning sessions for many electronic devices which include but are not limited to, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, Mobile phones, Digital cameras, their operating systems and the use of the various applications and programmes within these.

We have courses for those just starting on their electronic device journey through to the more advanced.

One on one tutoring is available for some topics, please enquire.

Courses are advertised prior to the start of each term in our course guide and bookings can be made on line or by phone, just follow the information provided.

The course guide will show the name of the course or learning session brief outline of what it covers the duration, days and times.

We have up to seven terms a year starting in February, each term is of four weeks duration and the last term ends in November.

To attend a course or learning session you must be a current financial member and pay your full fees at the start of the course or learning session.

You will be provided with a manual or notes for each course and some learning sessions.

When using your own device at one of our courses or learning sessions please make sure it is fully charged and you have the charging power lead with you.

You also need to know your passwords.

If for some reason you cannot attend a course please phone 308 05 64 and leave a message, make sure you tell us which course you are on.



Annual membership is currently $30 per person. (1st January to 31st December)


Specialty Groups start from $2 per session.


Short courses start from $5 per course.


Long Courses (4 weeks) start from $20 per course.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are people just like you and many of them started their electronic device learning journey at SeniorNet, they are all volunteers and we would not exist without them.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and provide easy step by step lessons to help you gain confidence.

Course manuals and notes are created by our tutors, so they are written by older people for older people.

Being human they do not know everything, but do have ways of finding the answer you are looking for.

If you would like to join the team as a tutor you would be most welcome.